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A better way to help hard-to-heal wounds progress

We believe that there is no such thing as chronic wounds, only hard-to-heal ones. So, together with a panel of experts, we’ve created Wound Hygiene, a simple, four-step regime that ensures every wound can be properly prepared for healing every time.

Some wounds will never heal
Wound Hygiene can prepare any wound for healing

Be sure in four

Wound Hygiene is a four-step regime designed to clean and decontaminate a wound, and overcome the barriers to healing often caused by the presence of biofilm. Apply these four simple steps to ensure that your patients’ wounds are properly prepared for healing every time:


Skin and wound cleansing

Cleanse the wound bed to remove devitalised tissue, debris and biofilm. Cleanse the periwound skin to remove dead skin scales and callus, and to decontaminate it.



Removal of necrotic tissue, slough and biofilm at every dressing change.


Refashioning of the wound edge

Remove necrotic, crusty and/or over-hanging wound edges that may be harbouring biofilm. Ensure the skin edges align with the wound bed to facilitate epithelial advancement and contraction.


Dressing the wound

Addressing residual biofilm while preventing/delaying regrowth of biofilm by using biofilm dispersal agents, topical antiseptics and/or topical antimicrobial dressings.

Continuously re-evaluate

Assess the wound at each dressing change to ensure it is progressing towards healing.

A simple four step regime

The core principle of Wound Hygiene is to remove or minimise all unwanted materials, including biofilm devitalised tissue and foreign debris, from the wound, address any residual biofilm, and prevent its re-formation. This will kickstart healing.*

*Murphy C, Atkin L, Swanson T, Tachi M, Tan YK, Vega de Ceniga M, Weir D, Wolcott R. International consensus document. Defying hard-to-heal wounds with an early antibiofilm intervention strategy: wound hygiene. J Wound Care 2020;29(Suppl 3b):S1-28, P7.



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